Board Members

Ndegwa Kamau, President

After being asked several times to come out to track night by another PGRC member, I finally decided to give it a try. The friendliness, family atmosphere, and the bond I felt that night, made me immediately join the club.

I started running in 2011 after registering for the Marine Corps Marathon which was my first competitive race. After completing it, I got the running bug, and became a crazy runner. Running 5k's, 10k's, half and full marathons. Sometimes running back to back half's in the same weekend. I’ve even been crazy enough to run three full marathons in 3 weeks.

I see PGRC as being one of the top Running clubs in the State, I hope to assist in the growth of the club, also to motivate encourage everyone from the walk/runners, new runners, and seasoned runners.
Yvonne Hill, Vice President
I've been a PGRC club member since 2010, and have enjoyed every minute of it. I started with the 8K training group and have since run a host of races including half marathons and two full marathons, as well as received the RRCA Coaches Certification.

As Vice President, my goals are to enhance the PGRC brand by fostering relationships between PGRC and potential partners and sponsors through outreach, and advance our presence in the community. I hope to provide leadership that encourages all of our members to enjoy running, have fun, make friends, and live up to our motto: “We Run the County!”
Andrea Hong, Secretary
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Meredith Davis, Assistant Secretary/Communications
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Catherine Francoeur, Treasurer
I joined PGRC last summer for their half marathon training. I not only had a successful race in Richmond, I met some incredible people along the way. Whatever your level, everyone makes you feel like a champion!

I have been working for PGCPS as the district librarian for the last 15 years. I was the treasurer for the Maryland Association of School Librarians for 3 years and I like to volunteer in organizations that I believe in. My favorite part of running is that I can combine my other favorite activity: listening to audiobooks on my long runs!

Beside running, I am section hiking the Appalachian trail (~1900 miles to go!!!). At least now, I can outrun any bears…
Anthony Bell, Race Director
The start of the running bug;

In 2002, I ran my first Army 10 Miler with a small group of soldiers to support the Army and all branches of the military.

In 2003, I ran in the Mardi Gras Marathon to raise money for AIDS Research in the D.C. area.

During a run in Greenbelt Park, I encountered a group of cheerful people running and having fun. One member, Karen Braxton joyfully invited me to join the PGRC and at which I also met Charles Outlaw, who introduced me to the heartfelt members of PGRC.

After joining PGRC, I became more involved with running. This was not just a running club to run, it was and is, about the bonding & camaraderie with folks in your community with active interests.

I have been a PGRC Pace Leader for the 5K, 8K, 10K, 10-mile training group & the Sunrise Coordinator for the Army 10 Miler, held every year.

This will be my first role as PGRC Race Coordinator & with my co-coordinator/Monique Richards, we are up for the challenge.

Prince Georges County has a vast number of runners & walkers looking for an active, supportive club to join like PGRC.

In addition, if you are interested in other local running groups, including the ones running for a cause, we will do our best to provide knowledge, involvement, and information about those as well.

As the Sunrise Coordinator (preparation for the Army 10 Miler), I might have some criteria.

I will try to be warm, effective, rational, encouraging and to end it all with a smile.

You will never have to run alone in Prince Georges County again because “We Run the County”

Monique "Mo" Richards, Race Director
I joined PGRC in 2016 for the Running Start 5K program. I have to admit, I couldn’t run a lick when I joined the program! I started off doing a walk-run method and in May 2018 I completed my first full marathon!! I’ve also ran a couple of half-marathons, 10 milers, 10Ks, 5 milers and 5Ks along the way 😊. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support and encouragement from my PGRC family. There’s always been a team member cheering me on at the finish line, during training and weekly runs. I am so grateful and proud of my running club, and I look forward to running many more races with my fam!
Roxanne Leiba Lawrence, Training Coordinator
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Chris Nichols, Volunteer Coordinator
PGRC is like a big family with a running problem, and I’m so glad to be part of that! I’ve been running since I was about 12, literally 1,000 years ago. I run all distances, and have completed 9 marathons, so many half marathons I’ve lost count, and a bunch of triathlons. But the fun part of PGRC for me is training with friends, helping new runners find their happy place, and thinking up fun new ways to move together.

Welcoming all bodies, all paces and all abilities is how PGRC rolls. We are the friendliest club in the area – and we’re growing! Increasing opportunities to become involved, and inspiring each PGRC member to volunteer for at least one event (races and training events) is my goal this year – as well as leading a winter marathon training program, and figuring out regular running routes that end at local breweries. Mmmm, Beer!
Marina Goldgisser, Membership Coordinator
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Dave Roeder, Equipment Manager
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Tina Nixon, Information & Publicity Coordinator
I started in the PGRC 5k Running Start Program in June 2014. I was nervous and excited at the same time but very happy that I joined. After I completed my first 5k I knew that I had to stay motivated and keep running! I completed several club training programs, more 5ks, an 8k, 10ks, a 10 miler and 2 half marathons.

I have been very fortunate to have met people that have provided great knowledge about running and always gave me that extra push when needed. My vision for the club is to provide information about PGRC via social media that could help motivate people to become runners, learn about sports nutrition, the importance of cross training and of course our weekly club runs!
Janice Bernache, At-Large/Web
I started running about 10 years ago but it has quickly become one of my favorite activities.

I’ve run distances from 5k to marathon on both pavement and trail, and even mixed in the occasional triathlon. My favorite run to date was a trail ½ marathon in Chelan, WA. It was a smaller race with spectacular views and a supportive community. Can you say PBJs & juice at the water stops? Yes, please!

After moving back to Maryland and looking for a group to run with I saw PGRC running through our neighborhood and knew I had to join.
Grace Pooley, At-Large/Web
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